DISC Personality Types

DISC Personality Profiles

A professional tool for identifying DISC personality types

A DISC personality profile makes it easier to understand your predominant personality style and how you instinctively respond to stress. You will also be able to recognise DISC personality types in other people you know or encounter and get some useful tips for adapting the way you communicate with them.

DISC is one of the most highly validated instruments of its kind.

Bev James, CEO, The Coaching Academy

Did you know human behaviour has fascinated philosophers for more than 2,000 years?

Initially, the elements of earth, air, fire and water were considered relevant factors by Empedocles (444 B.C.). Then Hippocrates, in 400 B.C. thought the temperature and pace of internal fluids running through an individual’s body influenced their behaviour. This is where we start to see four personality types emerging.

  • Direct/dominant – cold and fast moving
  • Inspiring/influential – warm or hot fast moving
  • Steady/stable – warm and slow moving
  • Careful/perfectionist – cold and slow moving

In 1921 Carl Gustav Jung, a Swiss Psychologist described four psychological functions; thinking, feeling, sensation and intuition. He then divided them into introverted and extroverted types.

Dr William Marston developed this concept further by grouping people as active or passive. He identified four styles that formed DISC, in his work called ‘The Emotions of Normal People’, published in 1926.

DISC personality types

These are based on four main personality factors and how they interact with each other:


People with a D style are outgoing and task orientated. They move quickly to action, are decisive and persistent, and can be perceived as unsympathetic and cold.


People with an I style are outgoing and people orientated. They have energy and enthusiasm and warmth, and can be perceived as restless or dis-organised and tend to talk a lot.


People with an S style are reserved and people orientated. They are likable and efficient, and can be perceived as too compromising or indecisive.


People with a C style are reserved and task orientated. They are self-sacrificing and serious, and can be perceived as critical or negative.

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Everyone on the planet shares these traits to different degrees of intensity and there are about 40 different DISC combinations or blends. There is no right or wrong style. When you become aware of your own DISC personality type you can make intentional choices about what you are going to do next and consider new strategies that are driven by your personality.

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