Helping people build on their strengths during a time of rapid and turbulent change to the labour market and negative stress

Welcome to Think Clearly Coaching, I am Debra Oakaby.  I help people improve their work life experience.  Currently, many people are experiencing COVID-19 work stress.  Some are trying to cope with job loss stress including redundancy and unemployment and others are experiencing the stress of working from home and doing so, remotely. Business owners too are under huge pressure to diversify to keep pace with changing consumer demands and spending habits.    

Debra Oakaby work stress

With a background in HR and coaching, I have worked with people experiencing work related stress.  There is no magic cure for reducing stress because peoples’ stress responses are different according to their personality style.

Pandemic crisis  

The pandemic crisis is affecting people in many ways. The need to adapt what people think, feel, and do instinctively, during this major disruption to their lives has never been more pressing. I particularly like using DISC personality profiles because different personality styles experience stress in a way that is instinctive to them.

DISC is an essential tool I use in my work, helping clients build on their strengths in relation to their working environment, minimise their responses to stress and clarify their next course of action.  DISC personality tests are more relevant now than ever before, facilitating people to get their working lives back on track sooner than they could if working alone.

We recognise that people need all the help they can get right now and want to provide some extra support. We have introduced a free weekly accountability service via email, motivating our clients to stay focused and keep in touch.

Why choose us?

Dealing with stress enquiry
  • We understand that many people are going through a tough time.  We are empathetic and will support you in your efforts to overcome your current challenge.
  • We offer a free consultation via Zoom that is confidential and without obligation. During this time, we find out about you and what you want to achieve and discuss the most appropriate DISC personality profile for you.
  • We take your data seriously and are fully GDPR compliant and registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office.
  • Our approach is friendly and methodical. We treat our clients as we would like to be treated ourselves.
  • We will send you an invitation by email to take a DISC personality assessment. You can use this link wherever you are, provided you have an Internet connection and it takes less than ten minutes to complete.
  • We can provide the DISC assessment and profile report in a number of different languages at your request.
  • Shortly afterwards, we will send your DISC personality profile report as a PDF to your inbox.
  • We are flexible and will do our best to work around your commitments for your 1-2-1 coaching call. We will guide you through your professional report with our DISC expertise, coaching skills and HR experience.
  • We provide a free weekly accountability service by email to help you stay focused and on track. This is a good way of keeping in touch with our clients.
  • We put our clients at the heart of everything we do and your satisfaction matters to us.
  • We are confident that you will find great value in your DISC personality profile report spanning 15 pages. We believe in the product and are happy with the feedback we get from clients. If, in the unlikely event you are unhappy with your report we will refund your full purchase price.

What our clients say about DISC personality profiles

I was pleasantly surprised at how quick the DISC assessment was to complete, and how efficiently Debra reported back to me with the results, so coherently. I was astounded by the results of the test, which were spot on in analysis and mind blowing! Great tips from Debra and I would highly recommend the test.

KR, London

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